Iced coffee season is officially here

After our seemingly never-ending rainy May it seems that the season has suddenly changed to summer.

The schoolchildren are stuck in hot sticky desks finishing up end-of-year testing; longingly gazing out the windows at grassy fields and the lush greenery of summer.  Dreaming of days at the beach and ice pops melting down their arms on the back porch.

And the adults, well, we are still doing what adults do.  Whether you are at home or in a cubicle, you are taking care of business; probably looking forward to an upcoming vacation or the fourth of July.

I love iced coffee.  I actually look forward to when it gets super hot because my ITG coffee on the rocks tastes even better from an icy glass covered with the thick condensation of a humid summer day.  It tastes good at the pool.  It tastes good at a summer soccer game.  It tastes good in the office.  It just tastes good.

And for whatever reason, (well, actually, there are many reasons) the fast food joints never seem to get iced coffee just like I want it.  (And the plastic cup just isn’t as cool either.)

First, you are starting with coffee that’s probably old.  Old isn’t good.  Second, it is usually buried in an ungodly amount of cream and sugar and tastes more like a melted milkshake than my favorite fresh roast.

The solution?  Make it at home.

Yes, the drive-thru is convenient.  But it doesn’t hold a candle to my fresh-roasted, cooled, pour over java with just the right amount of whatever else I want to throw in there.  It’s the energy drink of champions.

And guess what?  We make it easy, we ship the “good stuff” right to your door.

Enjoy iced coffee season!

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