Where is your “Garden”?


I went for a long walk with our boys on a bright golden August day.  I was considering what “In the Garden” means to us.

It is a place of peace.  We start our days with a hot cup of coffee in hand, looking ahead at the challenges and promise of a new day.  Many of us take pause in the afternoon or evening to repeat the same ritual.  Steamy cup; enjoying the intermission.

In life, it’s easy to find peace in nature.  In the melodic cacophony of a flock of birds roosting in a tree before an impending storm.  In the roaring and foaming of an angry blue-gray sea.  In a walk through our autumn woods, maples on display in their vermilion pre-sleep glory.

When I consider “the Garden” it is not a perfectly coiffed English rose garden (although it could be) or our vigorous rows of pole beans by the treeline.  To me, the garden is the earth itself.  The beauty and greatness of the natural world that was not organized by the hand of a man.  Nature’s arboretum.

As we get back into our fall schedules with the kids in school, extra-curricular activities and workloads; lets remember to first take pause in “the Garden” to consider and be thankful for what was, and what is to come.   Take a deep breath and enjoy each moment.

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