February updates!

Well, usually I wax a little philosophical in these blog posts and ponder nature and the seasons of life and good coffee.  Because, lets be honest, waxing philosophical is just what you do when you have a steamy cup of fresh roast in your hand.

Today, let’s just get down to the nitty gritty! We have a lot of fun developments here at ITG Coffees and I want to make sure that all of our faithful blog readers are aware of them.

  1.  First, Thank you for your patronage.  We love our customers.
  2. Since we love our customers sooooo much and we realize that shipping costs are a drag, we are offering free standard shipping for coffee orders over $33 for the foreseeable future.  No plan to end that deal any time soon.  We want to make your experience ordering from us altogether delightful.
  3. EXCITING NEW ORDERING OPTIONS!!!! We are busy planning and developing a coffee club for our customers who want the good stuff shipped to them every month.  We are still hammering out the details…   We know you love our coffee.  Once the coffee club is up and running you can sign up, have the freshest roast delivered to your door and we will bill you monthly.   You can unsubscribe at any time.   We will give our club members the best possible prices we can.  Please be watching for this exciting and convenient new option!
  4. And fourth, Thank you for your patronage.  We love our customers. 🙂

Enjoy our last few weeks of winter!


The ITG Coffees Family


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