Fave Brew Method of the Moment: Aeropress

I enjoy every brew method.  I love a hot cup of drip in the morning with breakfast, I treasure the dusky taste and rich mouthfeel of french-pressed, and adore experiencing all the nuance and texture of a nice pour over.

I love an espresso.  I don’t love how much room an espresso maker takes up on our kitchen counter at home, so I rarely use it.  Then a friend bought me an Aeropress. (Thanks friend!)

The Aeropress is a press…. It operates in a similarly to a french press.  You put the grinds in, pour hot water over, let it steep, and then press.  But, it brews quick (one minute), there is no coffee sediment, and it is VERY easy to clean!!!!!

After you press a cup, you end up with either a 2 oz. or 4 oz. espresso that you can add hot water to to make an Americano, add steamed milk or frothed milk to make cafe style drinks, or just drink straight up.

It is great for camping or travelling because it brews a great cup of coffee every time and is compact and easy to clean.

I found a bag of REALLY old coffee in the back of the cupboard last week and thought, what the heck…. lets try it in the Aeropress.  I was expecting a sour, diner-quality cup.    And you know what?  It was actually a pleasant cup of coffee.  Not awesome like a fresh roast, but I was really impressed that the Aeropress was able to extract some nice flavors; even from a dusty bag from the back of the cupboard.

I have a caveat though:  I DO NOT recommend flavored coffees in the Aeropress.  It would be like putting flavored coffee in an espresso machine.  It just doesn’t jive.

Just wanted to add, I don’t work for Aeropress or anything.  It’s just my favorite new gadget and I wanted to share the love.

Enjoy Each Moment!

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