Christmastime is here

Good Afternoon fellow coffee enthusiasts!!!

It has been a winter wonderland in Carlisle since around mid-November.

We have been busy roasting, packaging and delivering coffee to our local retailers – which include 6 Hannaford locations in the Capital District, Grapevine Farms in Cobleskill, The Carrot Barn in Schoharie and Kelley Farm and Garden in Cobleskill.

We have also seen an uptick in online orders (which we are psyched about!).  Keep those orders coming!

When you order directly from us you get the freshest coffee out there!

We got a call this month from Fletcher Hill Syrup.  We are very happy that the Fletchers are fans of ITG Coffees and wanted to include us in their Holiday Maple Baskets for their customers.  You can check them out at:

Just a reminder, we ship our coffee priority mail, so if you are concerned about getting gifts in time for Christmas, worry no longer.  You still have plenty of time to order!

In a few days it will be December.  Take some time, sit down with a comforting cup of Joe with your friends and family and savor those moments when you can connect, give and receive.   I’m not talking about giving gifts, I’m talking about giving time, which is the most precious gift of all.

Enjoy Each Moment!

Your Friends at ITG Coffees





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2 thoughts on “Christmastime is here

  1. I am a person who believes in supporting local business, especially when it smacks of excellence! I have had the honor, pleasure and privilege of drinking “In the Garden Coffees” for several years now, tasting not just their delicious “regular” offerings but their seasonal flavored coffees as well! My personal favorites are the single origin Tanzanian “regular” offering and the Holiday Chestnut selection from the flavored. There is just NO coffee out there that compares in freshness or quality! This girl does NOT run on Dunkin’, just sayin’!

    I have ITG Coffees put an espresso grind on my fresh coffee order and I take the few extra WORTH IT minutes in the morning and make my own latte to go! Absolutely nothing like it.

    I have just recently decided to go the no fuss, no muss route and become an ITG Coffee Club Member. What a great idea from ITG Coffees! Making sure to remember to order coffee BEFORE it runs out is a thing of the past. No more Folgerphobia (fear of running out of coffee) for me! Now my coffee will automatically be at my front door BEFORE the last drop has been brewed!

    Thank you very much for the excellence in product and service!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! We certainly love having you as our customer! We are so glad you love the coffee. 🙂

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