3 Ways to Drink Responsibly on Earth Day

“Through millions of individual decisions—simple, everyday, personal choices—we are determining the fate of the Earth. So the conclusion is also simple: we’re all responsible, and its surprisingly easy to move from being part of the problem to being part of the solution.”

George H. W. Bush, September 1989

You may think that the way you enjoy your coffee is inconsequential in regards to environmental conservation; but think again. Our individual decisions impact our world.

I sometimes consider the repercussions of our “disposable” culture. People don’t want to wash their dishes, so they buy paper. Vacuum cleaners are plastic. There are very few “television repair” shops anymore. People buy and people throw away.

I don’t want to get bogged down in sociopolitical conversations on environmentalism. That’s not what this is about. This is about small personal choices that we can make to conserve in our own little world.

  • Stop buying “drive-thru” coffee.

If you have to do the drive-thru, bring your reusable mug! According to Earthday.org 16 billion coffee cups with disposable lids are used every year. Skip it! Use “Trusty”, your favorite insulated reusable coffee mug – the one that feels good in your hand and doesn’t drip down the front of your shirt. Not only will it make you feel good; you will be reducing trash.

  • Change the way you brew.

Get a cotton pour-over filter. If you use K-cups -recycle them or use a reusable K-cup filter. Compost your paper filters. Your garden will appreciate it (as will your worm friends).

  • Be an example.

When you make the small choices, you are setting an example for your tribe – wherever that may be. Government can try legislate these things, but the best way for positive changes to stick is for one person to decide they care.

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