Grind matters

Well, now that it’s June its time to switch over to iced coffee. Many people pull out their Mason Jars or trendy cold brew pitchers and ditch the Bunn for the summer.

The other brew method that comes down of the shelf at our house this time of year? The campfire percolator.

Now, you CAN use a regular grind for these methods, but it is preferable to use a coarse grind for cold brew, percolator and french press (so that you don’t end up with silt at the bottom of your cup).

PLEASE KNOW: We will grind whatever your heart desires!!!!!

If you need a special grind please just let us know when you order! You can add a note to your order specifying if you want an espresso grind or a coarse grind. We will provide you with the best grind for your preferred brew method. Don’t be shy! We do it all the time and we want to make you absolutely happy with your purchase from our small business.

Thank you again for supporting our small business!

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