About Us

Who Are We?

In the Garden Coffees has been shipping fresh roasted coffee since 1998. We are passionate about getting outstanding products out to our customers.  After 19 years, the business and passion continue to grow!

We are a family business and we roast excellent coffee.  When you buy from us you not only get a great cup of coffee but you also are supporting small business.

Our roastery is located in Upstate NY on historic Route 20; Main Street USA. It’s a roadway that connects the Atlantic to the Pacific.  So, no matter where you are we are just up the street.

Our Family:

John Guarino, The Coffee Gardener

John loves coffee.  He knows how much we all need a good cup of coffee; on a good day, on a quiet day, or on a busy day.  He got the vision to start ITG coffees when he tasted his first cup of fresh roasted beans in Toronto in 1996.  Ever since then, his goal has been to get the “good stuff” out to you.  He likes his coffee many ways; black or with cream and sugar.  John’s favorites are either Blue Mountain Bold or the dusky caramelized Italian Roast.

Rebecca Guarino, Office Manager

Rebecca rustles the paper in the ITG Coffees office.  She happily tastes every new roast, blend and flavor.  Rebecca might be the one who put the smiley face on your packing list, or may be the friendly voice you hear on the line if you give us a call.   She likes her coffee black when it’s hot and sometimes light and sweet when it’s cold.  Kenyan or Ethiopian are her absolute favorites.

Ethan Guarino, Sales Representative

Ethan is very excited about ITG coffees.  He assists us in every way – from packaging fresh roasted coffee to brainstorming on marketing and social media strategy.  He is a great guy, and aspires to be a great roaster and entrepreneur.   He likes his Adirondack Trail Blend light, sweet and cold.