Pour Over

Pour Over
I drink pour overs every day.  They are just so incredibly good.  You have control over the water temperature which is a VERY important factor in brewing the perfect cup. Pour overs are convenient and fast with very little mess, you don’t need any extra counterspace and it makes one of the BEST cups of coffee around.  I highly recommend trying this if you haven’t already.
  1. start some water on to boil – bring it to 205 degrees, or just under boiling.
  2. Put a paper cone filter in your pour over brewer
  3. Pour a little bit of the hot water into the paper filter, just to wet it. Dump any excess water from the cup.
  4. Measure 2 Tablespoons of finely ground coffee
  5. Slowly pour the water over the grounds in a circular motion until all of the grounds are a bit wet, then stop. The grounds will bubble up and release gasses, wait around 30 seconds and complete pouring the rest of the water.
  6. Take a sip and smile.